Urban and Rural Planning

Improvement plan of human settlement environment in rural areas of Chongqing Date of preparation:2014

Date of preparation:2014

In order to implement “Guidance Opinion on Improvement of Human Settlement Environment in Rural Areas Issued by General Office of the State Council” (GBF [2014] No.25), this plan is prepared according to the notice concerning “Guidance opinion on implementation of “Guidance Opinion on Improvement of Human Settlement Environment in Rural Areas Issued by General Office of the State Council” issued by the Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Central Agricultural Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Agriculture”, to really improve living environment of rural people in Chongqing.

According to t he development of human settlement environment level in rural areas, currently, most of rural areas in our municipality are still in the later period of construction period of living infrastructures and prophase of environment improvement, of which, the key point to improve human settlement environment in the rural areas is construction of water, electricity, road and house during construction period of living infrastructures. The main contents of improving human environment during the environment improvement period are garbage, sewage, cultivation, public space and cleaning.

Improvement of human settlement environment in our municipality is focused on improvement of human settlement environment of market towns and villages in the city and focused on improvement of residential system and supporting system. Market town is seat of “township and national township People’s Governments, and unincorporated town that is confirmed by the county people’s government and developed into certain regional economic, cultural and living service center from original market”. The village is a living and gathering place of farmers taking agricultural production as main means.


The main task of improving human settlement environment in the rural areas in our municipality may be summarized into five aspects: Strengthening planning management and making efforts to change the current status that planning of vast rural areas is neglected, management level is low and the construction is disordered; Improving residential condition, actively implementing rebuilding of dangerous houses and guiding centralized construction of houses to provide comfortable residential conditions for rural population; Improving infrastructures, mainly including the three aspects such as drinking water project, hardening road and sewage treatment to actively improve indispensable infrastructure condition in the rural areas; Improving spatial environment mainly taking garbage collection and treatment, strengthening pollution control of birds and animals cultivation and quickening rebuilding of toilets as the key point to comprehensive control of rural spatial environment; Strengthening historical cultural preservation to strictly protect and reasonably utilizing of traditional villages with prominent historical value to protect and inherit the historical culture.