Urban and Rural Planning

The Masterplanning for Jinlogn Town, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City

Planning conception:
Jinlong town sited in the northeast of Yongchuan district. Moreover, it reached northwards, eastwards to Anxi and Zhengxing towns respectively. Those two cities belonged with Tongliang and Bishan city individually. On the other side, Jinlong town was also adjacent to Chashan Zhuhai in its western side, Daan in its southern side which is the northern gateway of Yongchuan district. In fact, Jinlong is a typical agricultural town. With its surrounded wonderful landscape, ecological circumstance, how to solve the contradiction between town developing and ecological protection would be the issue in the future planning. Focusing on achieving the aim green Jinlong, garden and gracious town, we integrated the ecological theory into our planning, laying all kinds of constructions by considering ecological structure and maintaining layout in order to compile through the mainline of ecological construction and tourism development. Overall layout structure of planning town area based on one center, two belts, two groups; One center public service center which included all public facilities such as Town Hall, trade market, health center, secondary school Two belts This includes Jinlong river located in the western side of town, riverside landscape zone surrounded by two banks, ecological landscape belt that go through the south and north directions. Two groups Two residential housing groups in riverside that sited respectively the southern and northern side of Jinlong river
. Innovation and character
Enhancing industrial research, confirming developing strategy Firstly, to enhance industrial research. Planning depends on the northern gateway area of Jinlong, of course we take the factors like industrial coordination, connection into account, in such a case, confirming the main developing industry for Jinlong town would be the organic agriculture and rural tourism. Besides, we lay our industry from realistic status according to
the theory vertical productivity layout in mountainous towns; Finally, combine the analysis result comparable to adjacent areas in order to finalize the town developing strategy:
1 Positively integrate this plan into the regional development;
2 Positively develop rural tourism;
3 Secure ecological environment.
Excavate terrain with hills and waters, highlight the town
character . By utilizing the dragon culture from Jinlong town. We plan
the road skeleton with dragon word, and build the developing potentialities within town according to the combinations of invisible and visible characters from western Jinlong river and eastern dragon shape mountain. Maintain ecological system, construct low-carbon towns and
countries Within town area, ensuring main biodiversity corridors, protection of biological everglade according to overall analysis. Eventually, forming an ecological system which included – two corridors, ten areas, three ties, in such a case, finally support the construction of low carbon cities and towns. All ecological system from whole district unity to regional parts in town join very closely, furthermore, this layout guarantees the integrity of whole ecological system and highlights the
importance that could be realized. This is a very good beneficial exploration to the planning methodology for low carbon cities and towns. In fact, this project would be a very good role model for compiling the comparable master planning for small-town with very sound ecological environment

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